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Want to lower the Realtor fees for selling a house?…, a patent pending FREE online platform changes the Real Estate market. This new service brings both Sellers and Realtors to an open market real estate commission fee bid platform.

Now, Sellers can anonymously review local Realtors to sell their home, lake cabin, commercial building, ranch, farm, or undeveloped land. And, Realtors can find more listings without the hassle and expense of blanket advertising to home owners that may or may not be ready to sell.

This approach has been needed for decades and it levels the playing field for Realtors who don’t have those advertising dollars but are ready to work hard and earn a great reputation in the real estate industry. If a Realtor is willing to boost their ratings and reviews and submit a comprehensive marketing plan, this platform opens the doors to future business by submitting a Realtor bid.

The platform has an added option for the Seller. If a Seller wants to anonymously invite Realtors whom they may know personally, there is a special section for the Seller to enter the name and email address for that Realtor and an invitation will be sent asking the commission Real Estate Agent to submit their Realtor commission fee. There is no limit to the number of Realtors you can invite to bid on your property listing.

The best part is that it is FREE to Sellers with absolutely NO OBLIGATION to take the lowest bid or any bid. After, 1 week, if the Seller is not happy with the bids, they can walk away and REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

For the Agent, there is NO subscription fee, NO registration fee, and NO bid fee (with NO obligation to bid). The only fee charged is the 20% referral fee due to ListingBidder if, and only if, you are the chosen Agent and the deal closes escrow.

It is time to register and be part of the ListingBidder experience!


CA Broker License: 01993241

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