Are you a Realtor looking for more Listings?, where Realtors bid to list local properties!  Realtors, if you want an equal opportunity to pitch for more listings, but don’t want to waste money blindly marketing to Owners who aren’t ready to sell, you’ve come to the right place!

Have you ever asked other commission real estate agents where they get their listings?  Soon, they will be saying ListingBidder…


Here’s how it works… At, Realtors get a FREE online platform to get more listings.  There is NO registration fee, NO subscription fee and NO fee to bid.  Just submit your Realtor Bid and Marketing Proposal to Sellers who are ready to list their Property NOW!

To get started, you register as an Agent on  Post a few details about yourself and your firm. Then ask your past clients to give you feedback ratings and reviews to boost your Profile.  ListingBidder will notify you when there is a local Seller looking for bids showing your Realtor fees.  There is NO fee to bid.  You will have 1 week to put together and submit your bid and marketing plan.

ListingBidder requires a 20% Referral Fee if, AND ONLY IF, you are the chosen Realtor and the deal closes. Make sure you download and have your Broker sign the ListingBidder standard Referral Agreement before you place your Bid!

It is a competition; Sellers will consider your bid, as well as the bids of other local Realtors. Sellers don’t always select the lowest bid. In their final decision, Sellers will also consider your ratings, the reputation of your Broker, and your marketing plan.

You should go online and register! Local Sellers are waiting.  Start building your Profile and get ready to bid for a Listing today!

ListingBidder… where more bids equals more business for YOU!



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