If you are selling real estate and worried about negotiating Realtor fees or any real estate commissions, you need to see this video…

Let commission real estate agents place a realtor bid showing their Realtor fees for your property listing.  It’s FREE with NO OBLIGATION and you remain ANONYMOUS!  And the best part, there is no obligation to take the lowest bid or any bid. If not satisfied with the bids, you can walk away and keep your privacy.  ListingBidder does NOT publish your street address so you remain anonymous!



4 thoughts on “ – SELLER VIDEO

    1. Yes, you can invite as many Realtors as you wish from your a list of Realtors you know or you can select from our list of Realtors who have registered on We have no vested interest in or any ties with any of the Realtors registered. Good luck with your Listing Auction!!!

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    1. William, Thank you for your nice comment. Please be sure to visit and look for the screenshots on our homepage. These screenshots give you a grasp of how it all works. Pretty simple. You just have to wait for any Realtors on your list to register so you can invite them to bid on your property listing. This is a great way to get a discount on your real estate commission fees. Please tell all your family and friends about us. #ListingBidder


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