Home Selling Tip! | Negotiating Real Estate Commissions and Lowering Realtor Fees thru Realtor Bids

Dear Property Owner / Seller,

RE: How to negotiate real estate commissions and get the lowest Seller Realtor fees for selling a house!

Picture this: you inherited a farm in the mid-west and a sale can’t come soon enough. Maybe you have a second home in Tampa which no longer fits your needs, or you may be getting ready to sell your home and not sure where to begin. Bottom line, you have real property and it needs to be sold. How are you going to find a good real estate agent with a lower commission rate?

Are you tired of paying the standard 6% or 7% commission rate for selling a house; or any real estate?

Wouldn’t it be nice to interview 4 or 5 Realtors and pick the lowest commission rate or lowest realtor fees for selling your home? Do you have a good grasp on which Realtors will lower their commission rate to earn your business?

Did you know that you can negotiate Realtor commission fees through Realtor bids from commission real estate Agents?

Seventy percent of Sellers call only one Realtor, and yet this might be one of the biggest expenses their family budget will have all year. We understand the painstaking process of interviewing commission real estate agents and even more so, negotiating the lowest Realtor Seller fees. But now there is a solution, and it is a good one! It is called ListingBidder!

Imagine sitting in your home or office, having numerous Realtors bid for your listing by submitting their Realtor fees.

Realtors give you their real estate commission rate, their brochure, and their sales proposal. You even have reviews and a feedback rating from their previous real estate clients. Through the whole process, they don’t even know who you are. Your privacy is secure, and you can sit back and watch them outbid one another in order to be your real estate agent.

We’re not saying that all Realtors will bid, and we certainly can’t make any promises on what your final real estate commission rate will be. But, what do you have to lose?

Our ListingBidder real estate commission fee service is FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION whatsoever.

You don’t have to take the lowest bid, or any bid. Like we said, there is absolutely NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to the Seller. If the Seller is not 100% satisfied, they can walk away and remain ANONYMOUS. If you can think of a better way to bring all the Realtors to the table to bid on your Property Listing, we sure would like to hear about it. We have been scratching our heads and racking our brains for years, trying to think of a better way, and it’s here…

ListingBidder, a unique way to bring Sellers and Realtors together to bid and negotiate real estate commission fees.

When you begin your listing Auction, real estate agents will start popping up on your selection screen within a few days. You can invite some of these Realtors to bid or you may have a list of real estate agents that you would like to invite to join the bidding. Realtors’ email addresses can often be found on the homepage of their website. All you have to do is enter their name and email address, and click INVITE. ListingBidder will send a general invite (from ListingBidder), inviting them to register and place a commission Realtor bid on your Property Listing. The Realtor won’t know you initiated the invite, so you remain anonymous.

Let’s say your circumstances change and you would like to cancel your Auction. No worries! Just let your Auction expire without selecting a Realtor. You have no obligation. Realtors understand that Sellers change their minds. You are the Seller, and you deserve the right to kick the tires a bit.

Don’t worry, Realtors are not charged for bidding/submitting their real estate commission structure and fees.

OH, here is another great thing: At ListingBidder.com we have what we call our GEO Zone. After some very sophisticated analysis on commute times, we have determined that the best selection of Realtors for you will be within a GEO Zone radius around your property, and those Realtors will begin to populate your invite screen. The Realtor has the option not to bid if they decide your property is too far away. This GEO Zone prevents you from getting a commission bid from a Realtor in Dallas if your property is in Bakersfield. You may invite other Realtors that are further away but they may not want to provide you a commission fee bid because of the distance they must travel.

I think we covered it. Did you see our video up above? We get it, some of us like to read and others just want to watch. You must be the reading type.

So, are you ready to get started and save money on real estate commission fees?

There is a little green button on there that says “REGISTER NOW”. This will get things moving along and eventually send you to your Dashboard. From there, you can create an Auction for your Property Listing, whether it is your house, second home, cabin, commercial building, or just vacant land. So go for it!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer you this great real estate commission bidding service. We hope to see your Listing Auction soon! Auctions last only 1 Week, so remember to have some FUN sifting through your commission bids.  Let ListingBidder use its reverse auction platform to negotiate a lower commission rate for you; saving you thousands!

Your ListingBidder Team

PS:  Remain anonymous and save Realtor Fees with #ListingBidder @ListingBidder

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