Real Estate Commissions – Realtor Fees | Negotiating???

70% of those selling real estate call only one Realtor and accept the standard 6% or 7% Realtor commission fees.  Many Sellers do not realize that real estate commission rates are negotiable.  According to Consumer Reports, March 2016 edition, 63% of commission real estate agents negotiated their commission fees in 2015.  It is estimated that… Continue reading Real Estate Commissions – Realtor Fees | Negotiating???

Real Estate Agent Commission Fees

Although the average real estate commission fee depends on the state and zip code of the property, it is most common to find the standard rate to be 6% to 7% throughout the United States.  However, in most cases, these real estate brokerage commissions can be negotiated. Real Estate Brokerage Sales Commissions are broken into… Continue reading Real Estate Agent Commission Fees