Real Estate Commissions – Realtor Fees | Negotiating???

70% of those selling real estate call only one Realtor and accept the standard 6% or 7% Realtor commission fees.  Many Sellers do not realize that real estate commission rates are negotiable.  According to Consumer Reports, March 2016 edition, 63% of commission real estate agents negotiated their commission fees in 2015.  It is estimated that on the open market, the commission rate for selling a house would fall below 5% depending on the zip code or postal code.

The COO and Co-founder of ListingBidder, Inc. and its patent pending commission bid system says, “We finally launched our latest version of where we are experiencing a tremendous amount of activity regarding our Realtor bid platform.  We strive to provide a unique and exciting free platform for Sellers who want to see Realtor bids to reduce their Realtor fees for selling a house.  With our platform launching just 30 days ago, we already have listing auctions going on in 7 different states and real estate agents are signing up daily throughout North America. Homeowners are concerned about their Seller Realtor fees and have shown interest in a platform that would help them negotiate the lowest Realtor fees. was created to provide this service and do it in a manner that is FREE to the Seller, with NO OBLIGATION to the Seller, while allowing the Seller to remain ANONYMOUS.  It is a private bidding experience!”

ListingBidder is experiencing commission rate bids as low as 3.75% with the bulk of the bids coming in at or under 5%.  The reverse auction real estate listing platform is a new experience that may very well become the norm of the real estate industry.

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