What is a Competitive Real Estate Commission Rate?

We are commonly asked what the average real estate commission rate is for selling a home in Austin, TX or the lowest realtor fees in Orlando, FL.  The answer is, “It depends.”  The free market fluctuates depending on the value of the home, how busy the Realtors may be, the timing of the sale, etc.

We encourage all home owners to wait until they are ready to sell… say within the next 30 days, and then put your Property Listing up for open market bidding for the real estate commission rate quote or realtor bid.  In some zip codes the competitive commission rate may be only a 1/2 point off the standard rate or it might be 1-1/2 points off the standard commission rate.  Realtors want you listing and they want to develop a relationship with you for any future transactions.  They will discount a little to get your business.  Saving you 1% can mean a lot of money saved on your transaction.

Using ListingBidder.com, there is no risk to the Seller.  There is no fee to register, no subscription fee, no obligation to take the lowest bid or any bid.  It is a WIN-WIN for the Seller.  Agents love ListingBidder.com, too!  They don’t have to advertise and they get a platform that allows them to see upcoming listings in their area.  They only have to pay ListingBidder a small referral fee, if and when the deal closes escrow.  We have lots of very happy Sellers and lots of very happy Realtors every month.

Give us a try:  https://ListingBidder.com


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