How Realtors Find More Listings! An easy, fun way for Realtors and commission real estate agents to find more local listings is here!  Auctions are currently in progress across North America.  To participate, a Realtor must register and wait to be invited to a local property listing auction.  Once invited you will receive an email notification.  All notifications are… Continue reading How Realtors Find More Listings!

Are you a Realtor looking for more Listings?, where Realtors bid to list local properties!  Realtors, if you want an equal opportunity to pitch for more listings, but don’t want to waste money blindly marketing to Owners who aren’t ready to sell, you’ve come to the right place! Have you ever asked other commission real estate agents where they get their listings? … Continue reading Are you a Realtor looking for more Listings?

Earning more Realtor Commissions!

If you are a commission real estate agent, you need to register on ListingBidder for free so that you can place a Realtor bid on local property listings when they become available. This video helps explain the process… Note:  Sellers are concerned about the Realtor fee or the commission rate for selling a house… Continue reading Earning more Realtor Commissions!

ListingBidder’s FREE Real Estate Commission Platform! – Negotiating Realtor fees –, is a FREE real estate commission and Realtor fee bid platform… is a free platform for Sellers who want to sell real property and find a local Realtor at a lower commission rate.  This platform allows Sellers to anonymously interview multiple local Realtors and watch the Realtors bid down their real estate commission… Continue reading ListingBidder’s FREE Real Estate Commission Platform! – Negotiating Realtor fees –